Fast For Renewal

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Confession time;
I thought fasting would hurt my metabolism (chemical processes in your body, especially those that cause food to be used for energy and growth) and therefore I steered away from it as much as possible.

I believed that unless I ate forty-five times a day (slight exaggeration) my metabolism would be hindered. That as soon as I began to eat normally again I would put on 120kgs in one day (another slight exaggeration). That I would have documentaries made about my weight because I can’t get out of my bed and I would need a crane to get me out of the house. Ok, a huge exaggeration. I honestly thought that to do something good spiritually would harm me physically which never made sense. Why would God ask me to do something that would harm my body when He says my body is His temple and that I should care for it? Well the answer is, I was wrong.

Fasting for long periods has been proven to bring on autophagy.  This is the process of the body breaking down and absorbing its own tissues. Literally it’s the anti-aging process. So, when we fast, God has designed us to be renewed physically but the even greater news is, I also believe that this happens spiritually. Fasting destroys doubts. That’s why Jesus said sometimes in order to see powerful miracles it takes not just prayer but fasting. Fasting attacks our lack of self-control and reenables our ability to say no to destructive behaviours and habits by simply starting with our food. Fasting destroys our selfish attitudes and it breaks apart our self-reliance. Our sensitivity to God’s voice is heightened and our ability to focus on the things that matter is undeniable.

Fasting with purpose is so powerful. I remember I was desperate to see three of my friends come into a relationship with Christ. I decided to fast one day for each of them and one for myself. By the end of the fourth day I saw my friends bow their knee to Jesus. I had the faith to see this happen because my faith was strengthened and renewed through fasting. I have seen businesses prosper, physical healings and so much more through the power of fasting. As Jesus said “somethings require prayer and fasting”.

Fasting is God’s reset button both physically and spiritually. Get ready to be renewed inside and out as we fast on purpose.