Kingdom Builders

We believe that there is a multitude of people whom God has gifted and positioned in the marketplace, to help fund His great Kingdom and see it advance. Through the support of like-minded people and the passion to establish God’s Kingdom, we believe we will be able to invest into a generation and see a harvest or people find hope and freedom.
A LifeHouse Kingdom Builder is committed to generate finance for Kingdom purpose to enable the LifeHouse vision to be achieved.
Through mentoring, connection, encouragement, inspiration and leaching, each Kingdom Builder becomes part this ministry team. Together we can be more effective than any individual could be alone.


With resource we can build leaders and team. With leaders and team we can plant churches. With churches we can bring the message of hope through Jesus. With this message we can change a city; through this city we can change a nation!

These are the financial leaders within LifeHouse Church. A group of people who are gifted to generate finance and feel called to give generously to Kingdom purposes of seeing the vision of LifeHouse move forward.

The group meets three or four times a year for connection with Ps’s Richard and Helen, and other guests, to be inspired, encouraged and receive input in their role, gifting, and marketplace ministry.

These gatherings are also vehicles for us to share more openly about needs or projects within LifeHouse that financial leaders may feel led to contribute to.

These 2 groups of people from within LifeHouse Church feel called to generate finance and give generously to build the Kingdom. Vision Partners and Over And Above Givers are developing the gift of giving and are on the journey of generating business ideas and financing the Kingdom.

This group will meet periodically, sometimes, with the Kingdom First group for connection, mentoring, inspiration and building each other up in this important gift.

How to Become a Kingdom Builder

Your next step in becoming a Kingdom Builder is easy! Simply fill in the online form below and select the Kingdom Builder level of commitment you would like to be in. You will automatically be included in any future Kingdom Builder events.

For giving over $2000 we can offer a tax-deductible giving receipt. Please select this option on the online form.

We consider partnering with you to build and expand the kingdom a great honour.