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Have you noticed your child likes to sing, dance or act? 

What if they could explore the arts in a safe, positive environment that helps them discover and grow their gifts?

LifeHouse Creative Arts exists to bring the best out of your child, to help grow their confidence and let them explore their unique talents and dream big dreams. 

We offer one program with three expressions of creativity: 

Move (Dance) helps build your child's self image by creating spatial awareness, strengthening muscles and correcting posture. 

Voice (Singing) and Drama (Acting) develops confidence and makes kids come alive. It is proven that music/acting uses both sides of the brain and helps brain development, intelligence and learning. 

We believe that children are full of potential, and we are passionate about helping to discover that gold in your child. 


Thursday afternoons during school term.
Prep - Year 6
$150 per term
LifeHouse Church, Westmeadows