LifeHouse Stories

LifeHouse Church exists to connect people to Jesus

Keely Swan

Keely was an energetic, beautiful young girl, but as she entered her teenage years, she began to feel overwhelmingly exhausted. This began a long journey, down a very difficult road. This is her story.

Kim Thompson

This is an emotionally charged story about Kim, who overcame the odds to become a brand new person through her faith in Jesus. Get the tissues out!

Michael & Samantha Georgiadis

Michael and Samantha worked hard to build a prosperous life but along the way cracks began to form. A simple dinner with friends changed their whole world. This is their story…

Liz Vella

After dealing with the sudden death of her brother, Liz then had to relive it all again with the passing of her mother. Her life was filled with hopelessness and sadness, then, out of the blue, a friend invited her to a LifeHouse service and her life was forever changed. This is her story.

Imogen Wesley

 Lyndon and Breallyn Wesley discovered they were pregnant with their fourth child, they were overjoyed. Little Imogen was a beautiful addition to their family of boys and very much loved by all. As she got older, Lyndon and Breallyn began to notice that something didn’t seem right. This is Imogen's story…

Andrew Scicluna

Drugs, crime, paranoia, suicidal thoughts... this was supposed to be a great life. But Andrew was slipping downwards. He was considering that his life would need to end for him to get out of the pain... then...

Angie Qorinyasi

For most people, growing up as a child is difficult enough, but for Angie, it was marked by years of sexual abuse. If she hadn't met Derick, who had a friend called Richard, who invited them to LifeHouse, perhaps her life may have turned out very differently. This is her story...

Paul & Mary Spyrou

Paul and Mary share their story of how they came from religion that was ritualistic and dead, to a relationship with Jesus that is real and lifechanging.

Tanya Guccione

Tanya's story takes us beck to her teenage years when she faced the challenge of dysfunctional home life and being bullied at school at the same time. Her life ended up lonely and painful until her mother decided they were going to church. That's where everything changed.