Share Your Purpose

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Is it just me, or do we sometimes find it hard to share our purpose? I find for me, that it’s usually because I don’t look for enough opportunities throughout my day to do so. For some, it’s a busy schedule, for others it’s fear, there are so many different things that stop us from sharing our purpose with others, day to day.

I feel as though sometimes we sit around waiting for perfect moments to share our purpose when it should be our mandate as Christians to create those moments! I mean really, How often in life does a conversation arise around the topic of ‘What is the purpose of life’? I honestly can’t remember the last time someone started that conversation or just started sharing their life’s purpose with me..

But if we as Christians have found our life purpose in Jesus Christ and are fulfilled because of it, then I wonder what makes us think that people are not searching for purpose or don’t want to hear about it. No matter who you are, everyone is searching for purpose. In fact, one of the most googled question ever is “Why am i here on Earth for?”

When we have an opportunity to share our purpose, so often the thoughts that run through our heads are what will they think of me? Will they think I am weird?

You want the truth? The answer is YES.

People may think that of you but if it helps someone find their purpose in Christ then we should never hesitate in helping someone’s life change forever!

God says to Moses in Exodus 9:16 “I have let you live for this purpose: to show you My power and to make My name known in all the earth.”

Here in this very scripture God is revealing His purpose for us, to know His power and make His name known and to answer one of the most googled questions ever, “Why are we here?”

We are here to share our purpose so others can find theirs.

To get practical, I don’t think that telling people about your purpose is the only way to share it, but I think living like Jesus is a perfect way to do it. Tell everyone your purpose and if necessary, use words. Be Jesus for those who don’t know Him yet and make His name famous in all the earth.